Lands' End Zipper Top Tote Bag

Lands' End Zipper Top Tote Bag

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Only a few left! Our canvas Zipper Top Tote Bag, made by Lands' End. Natural canvas body, with royal blue straps. Great for a nautical expedition or trip to headquarters.

Rugged 24-oz. cotton canvas makes this tote endlessly durable while the bottom and handles are reinforced so it can support a heavy load, making it perfect as a beach bag, to carry your laptop – whatever you require.

A water-resistant base and trim protect it (and your things) from dampness, so don’t worry about setting it down on a sidewalk after the rain. Pockets inside keep your smaller items easy to find and secure. Neatly-stitched seams give it a clean look.

Size is Medium: 17 inches wide, 13½ inches high.