Women in Exploration: Elevating the Next Generation

Women in Exploration: Elevating the Next Generation

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Join The Explorers Club on Monday, March 18th for an inspirational discussion about the present and future of women in the sciences and exploration.

 When Dr. Gabby Salazar and Dr. Clare Fieseler met through the National Geographic Society almost a decade ago, they quickly realized they shared an interest in elevating the stories of other women scientists and explorers. They decided to use their skills as photographers, writers, and scientists to tell the stories of women pushing the limits of exploration and science today. The formats these storytelling projects took include a short film, a podcast and a children’s book, all under the National Geographic banner. In this presentation, they will share the stories of these projects and of the amazing explorers in them. The women they highlight include planetary scientists, linguistic anthropologists, and expedition leaders. Most of them are under 40 years old. The two explorers will share what they have learned about how we can all encourage young people to pursue careers in science and exploration.

In-person tickets are $15 for Members, and $30 for the General Public.

Check-in will begin at 6:00 pm, with a beer and wine reception from 6:00 – 7:00 pm

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