The Rolex Explorers Club Grants

The Rolex Explorers Club Grants

The Explorers Club and Rolex share a common vision – supporting and fostering emerging young explorers. As a result of this shared vision, we are pleased to announce the fourth installment of The Rolex Explorers Club Grants program. The Rolex Explorers Club Grants will send extraordinary young explorers into the field and promote the significant role that exploration plays in addressing cutting-edge scientific questions, understanding our environment and the world we live in, and learning more about our history. In 2020 up to five $10,000 grants will be awarded to young explorers.

This program is open to all field science disciplines. Proposals must contain a field science exploration component and address a novel scientific, environmental, or historic question. In addition to demonstrating a spirit of exploration, candidates must put forward a project or research proposal that has a clear scientific rationale, represents original work, and has the potential for significant impact or new understanding. Fieldwork must be completed by February 12, 2021.

To apply, please visit:

Grant applications close January 15, 2020.



Eligibility Criteria include:

  • •  Students currently enrolled in a College / University undergraduate (Bachelor) or graduate (Master or Doctoral) degree program; or
  • •  Post-doctoral student within 2 years of their doctoral degree at the time of award; or
  • •  Young Explorers (up to 35 years old at time of award)
  • •  Awardees will be announced at The Explorers Club Annual Dinner on March 21, 2020 and will receive membership in The Explorers Club for the duration of their award

Requirements of Grant Recipients:

  • •  Submission of a written report of research/field work
  • •  Presentation of research/field work in 3 separate community forums (eg: Church, School, or Community Center, etc.)
  • •  Presentation of research/field work during the Explorers Club Annual Dinner weekend
  • •  Creation of a 2 minute “in the field” video for The Rolex Explorer Grants website
  • •  Agree to give Rolex and The Explorers Club the rights to images and use of likeness

The Explorers Club complies with all regional, national, and international requirements.