Membership Ring In Gold
Membership Ring In Gold

Membership Ring in Gold

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Please note: email us at to place your order for our Membership Ring in 14k or 18k Gold

The Explorers Club Membership Ring was introduced in 2004, as part of the Club’s Centennial Celebration, and is now worn by Members around the globe. Members can order the ring through The Explorers Club Outfitters. It is the perfect item for you or as a gift to a fellow Member!

Each ring is custom-made in the USA, with an engraved number inside. That number and the name of the Member are maintained in the Archives of the Club. Please click below or email, and we will guide you through the sizing and ordering process.

The design of the ring portrays the universal significance of the Club. The words “Terra-Mare-Caelum”(representing our influence on Land, Sea, and in Space), are engraved on the face, as are the Club's name, our flag, and 1904 (the year of our founding). The globe and the compass rose are on opposing sides. It is available in either 14k or 18k gold and the face of the ring may be either white gold or yellow gold. The body is yellow gold. There are two versions: the woman’s size is ⅝’s the size of the man’s ring.

Please note that these rings are custom-made-to-order. 

The price depends upon the prevailing price of gold (which fluctuates daily), the size of the ring finger, whether it is a man’s or woman’s ring, and whether you choose 14k or 18k gold. Recent prices have ranged between $1,500 to $2,800, depending on these variables. 

Please email and we will guide you through the sizing, pricing, and ordering process.

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