Club Rugby Shirt in Striped Ivory
Club Rugby Shirt in Striped Ivory

Club Rugby Shirt in Striped Ivory

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Our Rugby Shirts are inspired by the ones that rock climbers and mountaineers used in the 1970s, prior to the sport’s popularity. Climbers would often use army surplus and thrift stores to supply expeditions.

The most iconic garment of this era was the Rugby Shirt. Made from a rugged, sturdy cotton, these classic, long-sleeved shirts protected climbers from the elements. Its collar specifically provided much-needed protection from metal climbing gear such as clamps, allowing them to rest more comfortably on the neck.

These rugby shirts feature 100% heavyweight cotton, rubber buttons, and a relaxed fit, prominent in early, 1970s samples. A discreet Explorers Club embroidery is placed on the left arm, for your expedition team to notice when summiting El Capitan. Available here in ivory with red and navy stripes, as a compliment to our Club Flag.

Limited supply. Includes custom Explorers Club woven interior tag not included in images.