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Exploring Fashion

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Join The Explorers Club on Thursday, February 8th at 6pm to kick off New York Fashion Week. In partnership with Roots Studio, we will be hosting an evening to celebrate fashion co-created with Indigenous artists. For nearly a decade, Roots Studio’s mission is to bridge cultures between global communities and fashion, through digital licensing and royalty generation of their cultural heritage. 

This evening will showcase Roots Studio’s new label RURBAN, featuring their most recent collection, BOK JOY. Last summer, Roots Studio founder and EC50 Honoree Rebecca Hui backpacked overstock from three quintessential NYC brands – Noah, 3.1 Philip Lim, and Triple Five Soul – to partner Miao and Buyi communities in Guizhou, China. The artists from Roots Studio’s collective incorporated traditional techniques, stories, and materials onto jean jackets, crewnecks, and sweatshirts. Using local blue dyes made from farm-grown indigo and mountain water, hand-spun cotton, and traditional silver embellishments, the artisans worked their magic, fusing their traditional heritage with NYC designer garments. In addition, biodegradable pieces made of bamboo, orange, soybeans, and coconut, will be available for purchase, and will also inspire the menu and special cocktails for the evening.

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