World Oceans Week 2024

World Oceans Week 2024

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5:00 pm - Worldwide Kick-Off

  • Our Oceans Week launch hour, with virtual check-ins and in-person Flag returns from ocean expedition around the globe.

6:00 pm - Big Ideas

  • Her Deepness Sylvia Earle in conversation with David Gruber of Project CETI. Check-in starts at 6:00, program begins at 6:30, with an after party from 7:30 - 9:00 pm.


5:00 pm - Sea Turtles: Beneath the Waves

  • The Sea Turtle Ambassador Hour, featuring Callie Veelenturf of the Leatherback Project on the rights of nature.

6:00 pm  Unwrap the Future

  • Hosted by Lonely Whale, TOM FORD BEAUTY and The Estée Lauder Companies to celebrate the culmination of the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Accelerator powered by Lonely Whale and supported by Phillip Sarofim’s Trousdale Ventures. The program will begin at 6.15PM and be followed by a cocktail reception from 7-9PM. Due to limited capacity, tickets to this event are available to Club Members ONLY 🏵️.


6:00 pm - Sustainable Seafood Soirée

  • Our iconic sustainable seafood soiree returns, with the 8 best brands at the cutting-edge of responsible ocean cuisine.


5:00 pm - Foraminifera: Microscopic Marvels

  • The Foraminifera Ambassador Hour, with Micropaleontologist Beverly Goodman taking us inside the beautiful single-celled world of the mighty foram.

6:00 pm - Frontiers in Deep Ocean Exploration

  • Don Walsh set the standard, and raised the bar. Where do we go from here? A Don Walsh Memorial program, fittingly kicking-off with words from his son Kelly Walsh, moderated by Susan Casey, with Victor Vescovo, Jyotika Virmani, and Alan Jamieson. Check-in starts at 6:00, program begins at 6:30, with an after party from 7:30 - 9:00 pm.


4:00 pm - From Shells to Shorelines: The Oyster Renaissance

  • Dive into the briny depths with us as we uncover the untold story of oysters and their indispensable role in nurturing our coastal ecosystems. Hear from trailblazing directors of ocean and coastal habitat restoration nonprofits, from the Billion Oyster Project and Everglades Foundations, and culinary virtuoso, Julie Qiu.

5:00 pm - Aw Shucks Oyster Party 

  • Following the program, we'll wrap the week with an Oyster Party, sampling sustainably farmed Oysters courtesy of our partners, beer and vodka, and good fun to ring in the forthcoming World Oceans Day.



For increased support with the ability to attend any or all of our World Ocean Week programming (and a special event), consider purchasing a full passport ticket. This ticket includes entry to the entire week-long program and represents a 50% tax deductible donation to The Explorers Club, which helps fund programs like our World Oceans Week Blue Generation and field scientific Grants.


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